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Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer

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Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:23 pm

Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer-P2P
Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer-P2P
Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer-P2P

About the book: power the summa of one of the greatest minds in management theory, this book shows readers how to succeed and wield power in the real world. After decades of consulting with corporations and teaching mba students about organizational power, jeffrey pfeffer has seen the pitfalls to which so many people succumb. The problem: they dont have a realistic understanding of what makes some people more successful than others. They subscribe to the “just world phenomenon,” believing that life is fair, rendering them unprepared for the challenges and scrutiny of life in the real world. This book brims with counterintuitive advice and surprising research. What pfeffer emphasizes in this book,

Power: Why Some People Have It—and Others Don’t by Jeffrey Pfeffer -P2P
English | 288  pages | ePUB | 479  KB



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