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Things to take in consideration before installing windows 8

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Things to take in consideration before installing windows 8

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:04 pm

In order to check Windows 8 we need to install it on our computer. It is
not very easy to install it as the main operating system. To install
Windows 8, we have to run a dual boot system. Then we can run it along
side of the current operating system. In order to do this, we need to
make a partition on the hard drive to install Windows 8.

Windows 8 Download

installing download Windows 8 from here. The Operating system needs a
minimum of 16GB of disc space, and 1 GB of RAM to run. We have to keep
this 16 GB size in mind when we are partitioning the hard drive, and
leave a little extra room for any other apps we plan to add.
After we
are done with Windows 8 download onto a Flash Drive as it is too big
for a DVD at 4.8GB for 1 version and boot the computer from that flash
drive, we are ready to install Windows 8 on the new partition. There are
32-bit and 64 bit versions available that will fit on a DVD, if we do
not have a big enough USB drive to run the installer from. This takes a
little while, but we have to make sure we install it on the new
partition that we just created
After the install is complete, we can
now edit the boot configuration. All we have to do here is set the
current operating system as the main one. Then when we boot the
computer, it will open up both operating systems.
What’s new on Windows 8

Swipe, slide & Zoom
Wall to wall web

most important thing is that if we decide to go back to the previous
operating system, we have to re-install it from the recovery or
installation media that came with the PC. We can also create the
recovery media by using the software provided by the PC manufacturer.
But after we install Windows 8 we will not be able to go back to the
previous version of Widows.
I hope this document will help you in understanding about the basics of Windows 8 download and installation.


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